The Sirrus/Black Ships Connection

Written by Necromancer

In issue 1 of the mini-series from the comic book "MYST - Book of the Black Ships" Sirrus and Achenar are off sailing on some kind of trimaran when suddenly a Black Ship comes up behind them. Sirrus yells at Achenar to try and flee, but Achenar sits there letting the Black Ship pull their boat from the water. The black ship is huge compared to their miniscule Trimaran. Sirrus says "This is part of your plan, isn't it?". "Sirrus, I may have to revise my opinion of you yet," Achenar replies. They are brought to a fat ogre-like guy, who seems to be the leader/captain of the ship. Achenar makes a proposition to the leader: "We shall give you the means to extend your dominance over this age, if you allow us safe passage through your waters." The ogre-captain replies: "What thou seekest thou may have, young ones. Yes, thou shall join us in body and spirit". "You wouldn't dare to make us slaves!" says Sirrus. "You are warriors, not thralls. You are free to depart, if that is your desire." the ogre-captain says. Achenar says "We.. we want to join you!", and so Sirrus and Achenar were taught the ways of the Black Ships, how their ships worked, various stuff. Occasionally Sirrus would say something about Atrus, or "are we doing the right thing? The black ships". Sirrus and Achenar taught the Black ships how to forge steel, create steam-driven harpoons, and the creation of new weapons. The ogre-captain gave Sirrus and Achenar stuff to drink, allegedly blood. "Come forward, sons of Atrus, and share our blood." "This is only wine, isn't it, Achenar?... isn't it?"

Sirrus and Achenar became twisted, almost. One picture shows Sirrus gutting a fish saying "I never realized just how beautiful they are just before they die.." A thrall/slave spilled a drink, and Achenar was extremely annoyed by this. a "sidekick" of the ogre-captain offered to have the thrall "flayed alive". Achenar refused, though.

The next scene shows Sirrus and Achenar walking along talking, wearing uniforms of sorts, guarded by two very tough looking skeleton-like men.

Finaly Sirrus and Achenar returned home to MYST Island and got hell from Atrus and Catherine. Atrus is unaware of the fact that his sons are now part of the Black Ships' "family".

The final page shows the big ogre-captain and Achenar sitting at a table with a linking book on it. "The nameless one is grateful for this wonder, son of the Atrus." the captain says. "Together, we shall put the book to good use... father." Achenar replies.

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