An Easter Egg is a hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put into their software. It can be an image, sound or movie sequence and are hidden to some degree. Some Easter Eggs can be seen during the course of a game but some are deeply imbedded and may require very specific steps to find them.

Atari Library

This Easter Egg can only be seen in the Jaguar (Atari) version of MYST. To get acces to it you have to enter May 22, 1970 6:30am in the planetarium. The immediate front of the (still functioning) library will now be the Atari building. Click up to see the team at Atari that ported MYST to the Jaguar.

Rush Limbaugh Understands

If you play the file \QTW\Channel\ on your MYST CD-ROM, you will see a clip of Achenar muttering gibberish in Channelwood. If you play the movie backwards you can hear that he he says "Rush Limbaugh understands". To play it backwards, open the movie in the Windows Media Player, show the Device menu, and click on Properties. Here you can select "Loop Back and Forth" and start the movie again. Click here to download a MP3-file of Achenar's speech.

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