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Yantra Digital Arts Studio

One of the Riven artists, Tony Davidson's own site. Contains a lot of wonderful, previously unseen Riven renderings.

Richard Vander Wende

Co-Director/Designer, Script & Journal Writer & Director on Riven. Contains some images from the game.


Lead Character Animator at Cyan Worlds, Inc, Jason Baskett's home page. Animations and stills from Riven.

The Gnomon Workshop - Jeremy A. Engleman

CG Artist/Animator on Riven. Contains some alternate renderings from Riven.


Former Cyan employee and Myst & Riven co-creator Robyn Miller's spot on the net. Watch out for Myst & Riven stuff in his blog.

Riven Illuminated

On this site Stewart Bradford shows you a lot of things in Riven that you may not have noticed during your visit.

Nitpicking Guide to Riven

Site dedicated to those small errors that got overlooked in the making of Riven.

Calyxa's Riven Maps

Beautiful hand drawn maps of all the five islands of Riven.

Making of Riven

See the first Making of Riven movie in Real Audio or QuickTime format.

Cover art for Myst

A collection of various Riven box covar art.

Cover art for Riven

A collection of various Riven box covar art.

Other links Related to Myst & Riven

Cyan Worlds, Inc

The home page of the company behind Myst and Riven.

Myst on Wikipedia

A lot of info about the Myst.

Riven on Wikipedia

Lots of info about the Riven.

Riven Easter Eggs Revealed

The best guide to unlocking the Riven easter eggs.

Cyan Games: Riven

Lee Lantier's great Riven pages.

The Pages of RAWA

Read D'ni historian Richard A. Watson's answers to questions raised by Riven fans.

The D'ni Desk Reference

Everything you want to know about the D'ni.