Fan Made Humor

Someone obviously mistook the writing on the Beetle Room wall for graffiti, and added some more for themselves.
Penguins can be very scary creatures. You specially have to avoid the rabid ones who keeps eating all the ice cream...
Awhile ago some fans created RIVEN-at-Night Pictures. This one is not one of them. This is D'ni at night!
The animal stone puzzle piece, THEY didn't want you to see.
It looks like even Gehn couldn't resist the Beanie Baby craze. He just HAD to get 'Waddle' the penguin too. Made by Kadivina Clemons.
Underground cult leader "Gehn" recieves star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame! Spoof by Gabe Bauman.
This picture is intitled "Secrets of The Fissure". Made by Do'Tsahvahn
Let's see if you can take this, you ... !
Do you think he'll beep when he gets hungry?
Manipulated picture of Gehn playing his insdivument
Hey! divying to steal my book? Take that, you lousy primate!
Spring time. Made by Stuart Leonard.
6 out of place. Made by Stuart Leonard.


Pyst is a CD-ROM parody from Parroty Interactive, a division of Palladium Interactive in Larkspur, Calif. Pyst literally "trashes" the MYST Island by showing what happens after 4 million people wander through it. Hidden doors in the original game are clearly marked in Pyst. Instead of Atrus giving you mysterious clues, Pyst has King Mattruss, played by John Goodman. Click the images below to see the big versions.

Pyst Island from above
The Docks
The Crash Pad
The Library
The "Dentist's Chair"
Inside the Library
The Spaceship
The TV Garden
The Generator Room
The Clock Tower
The Love Cabin

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